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Sleep Respiratory Disease (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome) Recurrent respiratory disorders (apnea, apnea, hypopnea: hypopnea) develop as a result of obstruction of the throat during sleep.
It causes sleep interruption due to the complete interruption of breathing or a considerable decrease in sleep during s

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS Insomnia tendency: Some people have more insomnia than other people in stressful periods. Others respond to stress by headache or stomach pain. Knowing that the person is prone to insomnia and that it will not last too long is useful when you deal with it when you develop insomnia.

Sleep test, or polysomnography, brainwave during the night's sleep, eye movements, respiratory activities, the amount of oxygen in the blood and muscle activity are examined by measuring. SLEEP TEST STAGES:
  • The patient who is going to undergo a sleep test will go to the sleep center recommend


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