SGK Payment List

SGK Contracted Sleep Apnea Respiratory Equipment

In order to purchase a device from the Social Security Institution;

First of all, you need to apply to SSI Directorate. The organization will give you the device specified in your report from its own inventory. However, if there is no equipment in stock for the institution, you will be able to purchase the device from the medical distributor and receive a refund from the institution pursuant to Article 7.2.2 of the SUT (Health Implementation Communiqué).

Documents required for reimbursement;

  • The report or your prescription must include 'No organization' approval.
  • UBB (National Knowledge Base) registration of the device.
  • Warranty Certificate of the device.
  • Proof of Entitlement for the company from which you purchased the device.
  • A commitment to return the device to the institution at the end of the treatment.
  • UBB tag (Barcode) of the device.
  • Company UBB Registration.

Questions about SGK Returned Devices?

1. Which unit should be visited in the Social Security Institution?
Answer: You need to go to the Returned Devices Service connected to the SGK Directorates with your reports and documents. The Service inspects your documents and delivers the device in stock without a fee request. However, institutions do not interfere with the consumables of the devices (masks, hoses, filters, etc.).

2. Does the SSI give a new device?
Answer: The devices you have received by SGK are not zero. Because SSI does not buy new devices. Previously used devices are returned to the patients are given again.

3. Does the device I purchased belong to me?
Answer: If you have to buy the device because SGK is not in stock, you have to return the device to SGK at the end of the treatment if you get the institution repayment. Even if you have paid a difference to the device you have purchased the device you receive payment from the institution you are embezzled and the institution belongs. There is no proportion of the difference amount you have paid. You shall bear all the difference fee above the corporate payment amount specified in the Health Implementation Communiqué.

4. When and how does the SSI pay back?
Answer: The amount of the repayment of SGK device within 20 - 45 days. Ziraat Bank T.C. Your ID is deposited in your number.

5. How long is the prescription validity period?
Answer: You must apply to the institution within 13 days after your prescription is written.

6. Where will I take the device in case of technical failures related to the devices?
Answer: In the technical problems related to the device you have used, you should first bring the device to the institution. If the technical service of the institution cannot be intervened, you must contact the technical service of the manufacturer.

7. Who is paying for the service charge when the device is sent to technical service outside the scope of the warranty?
Answer: SGK service fee is up to 1.000 TL. If the service fee above this amount, the institution does not accept this fee, the device is scrapping and giving the new device to the patient.

8. What should I do when there is a power failure in the treatment of the oxygen concentrator, which is constantly used?
Answer: You will need to have an oxygen cylinder as an alternative to power outages.

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