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Respirox Auto AUTO CPAP Device Automatic Pressure Setting Technology and Sensitivity Setting Reslex feature iCode Remote Advanced Data Recording Data Recording 365 days Auto Swich feature (auto on / off) Auto Altitude setting Alarm feature Emergency warning 5 stage Integrated heater humidifier For easy transportation holding line Min - Max 4 cmH2O / 20 cm H2O pressure range

Reslex Feature

It is the ability to throw excess pressure out of the patient without exposing the patient during expiration, minimizing effort. This feature minimizes the causes of heart rhythm disturbances in patients. The goal is to get the rest of the day away from the pressure of the patient, while allowing the patient to have a comfortable night's sleep. In order to activate Reslex feature, user login must be done from the menu.

iCode Feature

The ability to save users' data. The Respirox CPAP device records data for 365 days. is an advanced technology that allows patients to see the time they have used before and the AHI (apnea, hypopnea) indices.

* The length of time the patient has used
* Device, mask, patient compliance
* AHI (apnea hypopnea) indices
* Average pressure
* Mask escapes
It keeps the user visible and keeps it in memory for 365 days. When the data storage is full, it saves the last day and deletes the day that it was first used, so you can see your current data whenever you want.

Auto User Features

* Respirox devices are equipped with a breathing sensor, without any trouble to press any key before the auto-opening feature of the device by removing the mask and auto-off feature is enabled. this feature can be activated and disabled from the menu.

* In heavy mask leakage, the device switches to alarm position and warns the user.

* Automatically adjusts the altitude level of the area you are in.

* If the power is turned off while the device is in operation, an automatic alarm is activated and warns the user.

Heater Humidifier Features

Respirox devices can optionally be integrated in the heater humidifier to adjust the temperature setting of the incoming air to the user in 5 steps.

With a lid guard designed to prevent water from escaping into your device, it allows you to use your device comfortably during the night. With a heating feature between 1-5, it allows the patient to have a comfortable night's sleep without being exposed to cold weather during sleep.

Smart Phone Application

To download free software (3B / BMC iCode) for Respirox devices, you can view your data anywhere and anytime using your iPhone and Android devices, iTunes and GooglePlay.


Dimension: 22cm * 19,4cm * 11,2cm
Weight: 2.0 kg
Power requirement: 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Reslex: 3 step
Pressure range: 4-20 cmH2O
Heater humidifier: (optional)
Noise level: 24dBA
365 days to record data
Ramp time: 0-60 minutes
Automatic altitude setting: 4 stages
Auto On / Off
Treatment counter
Automatic air leak compensation
Detailed data recording
iCode feature
Usage hour report
Alarm: Power failure, mask and hose leak alarm
Approved by Ministry of Health CE and ISO Certified


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