How is the sleep test done?

Sleep test, or polysomnography, brainwave during the night's sleep, eye movements, respiratory activities, the amount of oxygen in the blood and muscle activity are examined by measuring.


  • The patient who is going to undergo a sleep test will go to the sleep center recommended by the doctor and prepare for the test. It is recommended that the patient take a shower to ensure that the electrodes to be glued to the patient are better adhered to in the sleep test.
  • On the day of sleep test, it should not be taken alcohol, should not sleep during daytime, so as to disturb sleep quality of tea and so on. drinks should not be consumed and sleeping drugs should not be taken.
  • The patient who comes to the sleep center is taken to the room where the test will be done after resting for a while. Then the patient puts on his own clothes. The sleep technician begins to connect the electrodes after explaining the procedures to be applied to the patient.
  • The electrodes are adhered to the scalp, behind the ear, close to both eyes, the jaw and the chest. In order to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood, the nose is attached to the nose to examine the fingertips, snoring and breathing.
  • Then all of these electrodes and sensors are connected to a device. At this stage, it is recommended for male patients to come to the sleep center where the test will be performed by shaving.
  • After the sensors and electrodes are connected to the device, the technician is drawn into the monitoring room and starts to monitor the signals from the electrodes and sensors on the computer.
  • In addition, the patient's image is also recorded with a camera in the bedroom.
  • The results are given to the patient by analyzing the computer taken all night.

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