Key facts about snoring

If you are snoring - especially if you snore with a loud voice - you know how destructive it can be. You are disturbing your neighbors when you sleep on airplanes or theaters. Your bed partner complains that they can not sleep and take you to a spare room or a sofa. In fact, 95% of the snoopers say that their snoring disturbs their partner.

And whether you know it or not, it causes damage to your sleep. Snoring means you can not get the amount of oxygen you need for a healthy night's sleep. And you know what happens when you are not feeling well: You are tired, you are a list, you are even grumpy.

Noisy, disturbing snoring can also have other less pronounced side effects. The snoring is 1.6 times more to develop high blood pressure within 4 years to snore at the beginning. Other cardiovascular diseases also have risks.

So if you suspect that you are snoring or snoring, consider it as a sign that something may not be right. Join our short sleep apnea test or contact us to find a sleep test facility near you.

Remember: Snoring can not be treated, but can be controlled. An oral device like Elifce Medikal ResMed successfully stops snoring at about 8 loudspeakers out of 10 using it.

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