Sleep Apnea Symptoms

The most important symptom of sleep apnea is breathlessness in sleep. Other sleep apnea indications can be listed as follows:

Restlessness during sleep
Do not get up often
Oral establishment
Respiratory durations as a manifestation
In addition, headache, forgetfulness, impairment of concentration, depression, morning wakefulness and sleeping at an extreme level of sleepiness and fatigue state of the sleep apnea can be observed during the day.

 People with signs of sleep apnea can experience many serious symptoms during the day. Sudden death, stroke, heart attack and heart failure in sleep, difficulty in weight loss if the patient is obese, respiratory failure in pulmonary patients, sexual desire and impotence, and uncontrolled diabetes can be cited as examples. Besides, the sleep apnea can cause traffic and job accidents because it causes continuous lack of fatigue and concentration during daytime.

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