Sleep Apnea Test

Sleep apnea test is the most important step in the process of diagnosis and treatment of the disease. A sleep apnea test called "polysomnography" is a test that records brain activity and respiratory events throughout the night.

  Polysomnography, a sleep apnea test, is based on the measurement of brain waves during sleep, eye movements, airflow in the mouth and mouth, snoring, heart rate, leg movements and oxygen levels. Patients need to stay in a sleeping room overnight in order to be able to do the sleep apnea test. During the test, the signals received by the cables connected to the various points of the body are transferred to the computer outside the room. By examining these records taken until the Sabah, many parameters such as how many times breathing stops during sleep, how long it stops, how long it takes to stop breathing, how oxygen values and heart rate are affected, and whether or not the patient suffers deep sleep.

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