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Elifce Medical has been established in Istanbul in order to provide services in the health sector in Turkey and to operate in this area in line with its current objectives.

We are a leading distributor of leading companies in America and Europe, located in D> nl> nya medikal sekt. Our company is active throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul with its understanding of providing the best service with its experienced, experienced and dynamic staff.

It has been the goal and aim of the company to provide its customers with the best and most comfortable sleep labs, equipments,

Since established, we have become a leader and preferred company with successful and expansive marketing strategies & nbsp; and it is in a position that catches up to 99% of the rate of satisfaction. Accordingly, RESMED, RESPIROX, BMC, Weinmann and AIRSTEP, one of the most important medical companies in the world, are continuing their success with successful and profound self-sufficiency.


Elifce Medical is our mission;

To become a dynamic and leading company in the health and wellness services and in the after sales service, under the principle of human health principle.

Our goal is to ensure that our brands are of the highest quality and quality. and to make it searched in the outer market.



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