What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is one of the most important diseases caused by snoring and can be expressed as a sleep breathing sleep. The sleep apnea, which means that the breathing stops and becomes superficial during sleep, can be repeated many times during the night. During the sleep apnea, relaxation occurs in the muscles that allow the upper respiratory tract to remain open. It is called sleep apnea for at least 10 seconds of breathing as a result of airway obstruction of tongue root or soft wrist or overgrown tonsils.

During the sleep apnea, the breathing effort continues, but after a while more and more this effort stimulates the brain and airway opens. The person who snores until the breath stops stops breathing again and again with a loud groan.

 When necessary precautions are not taken, it is known that the sleep apnea increases the risk of traffic accidents 7-8 times by causing carelessness and causes job accidents. Although the incidence of sleep apnea is 1-4%, it can be better understood how serious a problem is if it is thought that 3% of diabetes mellitus and about 5% of asthma frequency.

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