AIR Moisturizer

  • A specially designed air supply pump provides 4-20hpa therapy pressure to the user.
  • Adjustable ramp pressure capability allows the patient to fall asleep for 0-60 minutes. During normal CPAP therapy, users are not exposed to unnecessary high pressures.
  • Therapy with automatic treatment and shutdown makes the treatment uninterrupted.
  • Adjust your auto altitude and yaw rate balance regardless of where your geography is.
  • Advanced warming moisturizer allows the establishment of the mouth, nose and respiratory tract.
  • The Respirox Cpapa device with the ability to record records the condition, treatment status and averages throughout the treatment, therapy achievement data during 365 days.
  • When you download the 3D BMC Application from Apstore, you can archive your treatment report and therapy status from your Iphone, Ipad devices and save it as a separate
  • LCD with night light
  • Whisper silence

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