AIRSENSE 10 Elite CPAP Device


Quiet and Easy to carry
ResMed Premium CPAP Device
PAP device with constant pressure throughout the treatment period
Receive treatment registrations (AHI, Leakage, Pressure, Respiratory Events, Usage Times, etc.)
Closed-down 1-2-3 cm H2O expiratory pressure
Humidifier option

AIRSENSE 10 Elite CPAP Device

AirSense 10 Elite Supplier. To navigate through non-complicated settings and menus, just start and press the button to go hunting. The integration of this device in the HumidAir ™ (Humidifier), a more comfortable experience and convenient temperature and humidity retention tube automatically work.

A comfortable start! (AutoRamp) If you have a sleeping problem, go for them with low pressure cushioning too. AutoRamp starts with low pressure for more comfortable sleep.

Built-in ambient light sensor !! The light level of the screen is based on the brightness of the environment. Bring your keyframe to the screen. The screen light shuts off at night so as not to disturb the more comfortable sleep.

Other Features

The Easy-Breathe engine is quieter than you and your partner whisper, offering more peaceful night's sleep.
The simple and intuitive user interface provides feedback on morning treatment and it is much easier to change settings.
User-friendly controls make it easier for you to navigate and customize the menus with the color LCD display.
The SmartStart ™ function initiates the therapy with breathing into the size mask as soon as possible. If you just remove the dick, stop in a few seconds.
Integrated HumidAir ™ humidifier with Climate Control technology and optional ClimateLine (thin hose) Long lasting humidification with air heated tube.
How to use?

Here are some tips on setting up the site;

The therapy system most likely consists of a mask, a tube, a therapy device, and a moisturizer. Translate for all sections. Knowing how to set up equipment and equipment does not make you different for your treatment!


First, make sure you place it on a specific surface. Do not put your business into luck.
When you sleep in your bed, put it in a place where you can reach the auditors.
If the device is empty, someone does not cover it with the cover, keep it away from materials such as walls, heaters.

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