Respiratory Disorders in Sleep

The most common symptom in this group of diseases is Sleep Respiratory Disease (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome). The most common symptom is snoring. Snoring occurs during sleep with noisy breathing. This is due to the narrowing of the throat during sleep, which disturbs those who share the same bed with the person who snores according to their degree of discomfort, those who stay in the same house, even the neighbors. Excessive weight, alcohol intake, fatigue and insomnia also increase snoring, except for the causes of narrowness in the throat such as tonsils, small tongue and palate. Although it does not cause any problem for the person who snores, the partner who hears the snoring frequently and can not sleep comfortably for this reason comes in front of the family doctor, friend's warning doctor. Research has shown that snoring increases with age, middle age and nearly half of the population snore. When the narrowing of the throat, which plays a role in the snore, becomes more apparent, it leads to the complete closure of the airway, the cutting of the breath (apnea). It is called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (sleep obstructive sleep apnea syndrome), which is frequently repeated during sleep, when breathing between noisy snoring, and therefore snoring, lasts for a long time (over 10 seconds) and then continues again with breathing and noisy snoring.

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