S9 ESCAPE CPAP Humidifier


Quiet and Easy to carry
PAP device with constant pressure throughout the treatment period
Closed-down 1-2-3 cm H2O expiratory pressure
Snooze your attendance and record
H5i moisturizer and ClimateLine option

S9 ESCAPE CPAP Humidifier

ResMed S9 Escape is the award-winning S9 standard CPAP platform model. User-friendly features and a host of advanced technologies are designed to help ease the transition. So you can get long-term benefits with a restful sleep. With elegant lines and compact size, the S9 Escape design looks natural on the bed, like a clock radio. It is an elegant comfort device away from the pessimistic air that the medical devices reflect to the subconscious.

Key Features

With the Easy-Breathe motor feature (and your partner's) sleeping environment is quieter and quiet.
Optional H5i ™ Climate Controlled Heated Humidifier provides an ideal humidification and temperature setting for real-time environment. Thus, dry throat and mouth side effects are most reduced or protected. The synchronized heater will provide complete protection from condensation.
Easy-Breathe technology will give you a really comfortable breathing experience. Natural inhalation and exhalation patterns are monitored by the device.
User-friendly controls, intuitive interface and bright color LCD guide you through the setup process and make it easy to navigate menus and customize settings.
Slim design makes your movements easier on your trips.

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