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  • Resmed AirTouch F20

| Resmed

ÜRÜN ADIResmed AirTouch F20
    • The softest mask we’ve ever designed, featuring an UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion
    • Light, breathable cushion is designed to seal across a wide range of therapy pressures
    • Modular frame design allows convenient interchangeability with AirFit™ 20 InfinitySeal™ cushion

    Our softest mask ever

    This is a mask unlike anything we’ve ever designed. The AirTouch F20 is the first ResMed mask to use proprietary UltraSoft memory foam cushion technology for the perfect blend of comfort and performance. The AirTouch F20 delivers unprecedented comfort and a light, breathable seal – even at high pressures. And with its modular frame design, you can conveniently switch between AirTouch 20 memory foam and AirFit 20 InfinitySeal cushions, without removing the mask frame, until you find the best option for each patient. 

    QuietAir vent technology

    QuietAir™ is our innovative diffuser vent technology within the mask elbow that makes the AirTouch F20 89% quieter1 and 70% gentler than before.2 Featuring small multidirectional openings over a widespread area, QuietAir breaks up exhaled air so that it’s spread out lightly.

    Fast and easy maintenance

    With the AirTouch F20, maintenance is fast and beyond simple. No soap, no water – a quick wipe down with non-alcoholic wipes keeps the memory foam clean. That’s it. And with regular cushion replacement, patients experience a fresh feeling every time, like a clean set of sheets or a brand new shaving razor.

    Our AirTouch 20 for Her range

    We’re committed to providing the most personalized mask experience possible. That’s why we proudly offer for Her versions of our AirTouch F20 mask, featuring stylish lavender accents and a smaller size range.




    Air Mini AutoCPAP Device-58


    • What therapy mode does the AirMini offer?

      AirMini offers all of the following therapy modes: CPAP, AutoSet™ (with Response option) and AutoSet for Her. Unlike the AirSense™ 10 series, where different devices offer different therapy modes, the AirMini includes all three of these therapy modes.

    • Will I be able to use this as a full time machine?

      While the AirMini matches the performance of the larger AirSense 10, it was designed to be used as a travel CPAP. ResMed has achieved a significant reduction in size, while maintaining the same quality of therapy, through innovations that include ActiveAir™, HumidX™/HumidX Plus, and the AirMini app. If you have additional questions, please contact your home medical equipment or healthcare provider.

    • What masks can be used with AirMini?

      AirMini is compatible only with the following ResMed masks: AirFit™ F20 AirFit™ N20 AirFit™ P10 for AirMini™ AirTouch™ F20.

    • Why are only some masks compatible with AirMini?

      The AirFit™ F20 AirFit™ N20 AirFit™ P10 for AirMini™ AirTouch™ F20 are the only masks designed to work with the AirMini. Other masks do not work with the AirMini's ActiveAir and HumidX technologies. Please contact your home medical equipment or healthcare provider for additional questions related to masks and AirMini accessories.

    • Does AirMini have a DC-DC converter available?

      We are developing a DC-DC converter for AirMini. Please visit our website at for additional details or contact your home medical equipment or healthcare provider.

    • Does AirMini have a humidifier?

      AirMini offers waterless humidification when using N20 or P10 for AirMini. The HumidX/HumidX Plus heat-moisture exchanger is a non-heated, waterless humidification system designed to deliver similar performance to ResMed's AirSense 10 machine, used with an unheated tube and a humidifier setting between 2 and 5. If you have additional questions about humidification, please contact your home medical equipment or healthcare provider.

    • What comes with the AirMini?

      AirMini comes with a cloth carry case and a power cable. Masks and tubing are available for purchase separately.

    • How do I get one?

      You can purchase AirMini through your home medical equipment supplier, or through one of our online vendors.

    • Will insurance cover this device?

      Please contact your insurance company for details about your individual coverage and options.

    • What accessories are available for the AirMini?

      We have a variety of accessories available for the AirMini including HumidX/HumidX Plus waterless humidifiers, filters, a travel bag and travel case, a mount system, a DC/DC converter and an AC adapter.

    • How do I obtain a compliance report for my therapy using AirMini?

      Please contact your home medical equipment or healthcare provider to discuss your options for compliance reporting.




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    Elifce Medical

    Elifce Medical

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