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    BMC iVolve N2 Nasal CPAP Mask

    BMC iVolve N2 Nose Mask is comfortable, flexible and silent. It is designed to minimize the contact with your skin. The adjustable forehead support reduces the pressure on the nose belt. Thanks to the ball and socket system on the headband, it allows easy insertion and removal and eliminates the need for continuous adjustment. Set and forget!
    The air outlet system on the elbow distributes the air with its new design and is extremely quiet. 360 ° swivel elbow allows the hose to be used comfortably during sleep. With the quick-release bracket, you can detach the mask from the hose without removing it from your face. Silicone and soft forehead pads fit in shape.
    The soft double-walled mask cushion technology reduces air leakage and provides comfortable handling. For this reason, it provides you with a comfortable and quiet sleep during treatment. Skin contact reduces the most, and this makes the user feel more comfortable during treatment. The supporting frame automatically fits on the forehead. It does not contain latex.

    • Airfit N20 Nose Mask

    | Resmed

    ÜRÜN ADIAirfit N20 Nose Mask

      Whatever the sleeping position, it moves freely throughout the night.
      InfinitySeal ™ with cushioning technology, yet the most compatible
      Ideal for breathing in the nose during sleep.

      Excellent comfort and performance
      What does a perfect CPAP mask do? Comfort and performance are perhaps two key factors. The AirFit N20 features the most adaptive InfinitySeal ™ mindset we have designed with a soft, flexible frame with integrated cushioning.

      We are committed to making the most personalized mask possible. For this reason, we proudly present our AirFit N20 mask for stylish lavender axles and versions with a smaller size range.

      Using Your AirFit N20;

      1. Remove the magnetic clips.
      2. When the mask is held, pull the head over your head.
      3. Lift up each of the magnets to accommodate the corresponding clips in the frame.
      4. Set the tabs in the header.
      5. Set the tabs in the subheading.
      6. When your device is still switched off, connect your device hose to your mask sleeve.
      7. Attach an elbow mask.
      8. Open the therapy device.
      • Weinmann Cara CPAP Mask

      | Löwenstein

      MIP KOD
      ÜRÜN ADIWeinmann Cara CPAP Mask

        Looking into the future with CARA -.

        CARA - Designed for you.

        Simple use is more demanding than ever.

        Löwenstein Medical Technology has made masks even easier by reducing parts in every mask it produces.

        As we go one step further with CARA, we have perfected the proven benefits in a completely modern way. The lightweight CARA CPAP mask has a soft flexibility with full seating, a silent and scattered exhalation system and other details that make life easier.

        Two-dimensional stability

        My first impression is power. Mask pillows are soft and flexible. Ideally, it conforms to any of the nose folds and supports the mattress on the forehead. You can choose from two different sizes that can be placed in the same mask frame. The standard pillow in S / M conforms to about 65% of patients. For larger noses, you can choose M / L size


        Sensational silence

        The exhalation system close to the top-and-socket joint has proven itself over the years. Now we were able to make it simpler and quieter. We kept the gaps creating a diffuse airflow that did not bother the patient or the bedbug, and the upper part which prevented the air from flowing into the eyes of the patient. CARA is so silent that a clock works

        even higher.

        • CPAP Hose 22 mm

        | BMC

        MIP KOD
        ÜRÜN ADICPAP Hose 22 mm

          BMC CPAP Masking Breathing Air Silicone Hose Length 183 cm connect Massager Machine Accessories Oxygen Pipe

          • Fisher Paykel Eson 2 CPAP Mask

          | Others

          MIP KOD
          ÜRÜN ADIFisher Paykel Eson 2 CPAP Mask

            A mask designed for performance and comfort. It focuses on ease of use by giving you and your patients confidence at every step. With more than 20 design improvements, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's best CPAP mask is now even better.

            F & P Eson 2 Trusted

            Eson 2 is designed to meet the needs of patients and sleep professionals at any time during the CPAP therapy journey.

            Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 - Designed for ease of use

            To develop a mask designed for performance and comfort, our development team is focused on features to make it easier to use - the intuitive headband offers the right choice for patients, including prolongation directly on the head.

            Combining VisiBlue features

            F & P Eson 2 features VisiBlue provides simple, faster and more intuitive visual cues and stands out to assist the patient in mounting, dismantling and reassembly.

            • Resmed Airfit N30i | Nasal Cradle Mask

            | Resmed

            MIP KOD
            ÜRÜN ADIResmed Airfit N30i | Nasal Cradle Mask

              The ResMed AirFit N30i gives your patients the freedom to sleep in any position and get close to their bed partner.
              The discreet, minimalist design features a convenient top-of-the-head tube design, a comfortable nasal cradle cushion and a self-adjusting
              SpringFit frame for a stable fit that lasts all night.

              • ResMed AirFit F30 CPAP Mask

              | Resmed

              MIP KOD
              ÜRÜN ADIResMed AirFit F30 CPAP Mask

                ResMed AirFit F30 Minimal Contact Mouth Nose CPAP Mask

                ResMed AirFit F30, ResMed's first minimal contact Mouth Nose CPAP Mask

                AirFit F30 outperforms the leading mask of its kind in terms of adjustability, leakage and ease of use

                ResMed introduces the first minimal-contact Mouth Nose CPAP Mask AirFit F30, which was recently added to the AirFit mask portfolio to help users reduce facial redness. Now you will feel the comfort of wearing glasses in bed and the warmth of curling closer to your bed partner.

                • Resmed Quattro Air

                | Resmed

                MIP KOD
                ÜRÜN ADIResmed Quattro Air

                  Quattro Air is a full-faced CPAP mask, the pioneer of today's popular AirFit series.

                  • Mouth and nose coverage
                  • Full face mask
                  • Silicone pillow
                  • AirFit F30i Full Face Mask

                  | Resmed

                  MIP KOD
                  ÜRÜN ADIAirFit F30i Full Face Mask

                    ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face CPAP Mask (Medium Size)

                    The ResMed AirFit F30i ultra-compact mask offers full-face functionality that your patients will appreciate. Smaller, quieter and less irritating than a traditional mask, with the under-nose design and overhead hose connection, CPAP, VPAP (BiPAP) treatment becomes less demanding, increasing visual and physical freedom. Issues of discomfort and facial markings on the bridge of the nose are a thing of the past.

                    Fast and Full application

                    Thanks to the magnetic clips, you can quickly and fully put on your mask without facing the mirror or having difficulty.

                    Small but Stable

                    With the ultra-compact frame, the contact points on the face and the surface that touches only under your nose are kept to a minimum, and maximum stability is ensured throughout the usage period with the side wings.

                    Variable Silicone Thickness

                    It has been lightened with its single-layer silicone structure, and compatibility has been achieved according to the varying thickness and comfort and stability points.

                    Movable Elbow

                    Since the hose connection point can rotate 360º, it will adapt to your every move.

                    Top Link

                    Thanks to the top connection, which is the common feature of the i series of ResMed AirFit masks, the hose will provide freedom in your sleep and respiratory treatment without restricting your movement and away from you.

                    • AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask

                    | Resmed

                    MIP KOD
                    ÜRÜN ADIAirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask

                      A CPAP mask built for active sleepers, the ResMed AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask With Headgear creates a secure and reliable seal, providing you the freedom to move comfortably throughout the night. Boasting a lightweight design and flexible nasal pillows, the AirFit P10 is also ResMed’s quietest mask thanks to QuietAir vent technology, keeping your sweet dreams and silent night top of mind.


                      Resmed Airfit N30i | Nasal Cradle Mask-64

                      The ResMed AirFit N30i features a state-of-the-art pipe design that makes it easier to sleep in any position. Since there is no front end tube, the mask is invisible and lags behind your lying position.
                      Only 24 Dba (Whisper Quiet)
                      For customers looking for a silent mask, Resmed N30İ is one of the best because it controls only 24 decibels. This Sound Level is Accepted as Whisper Silence and allows you to get a full night's sleep without hearing too much noise from the mask.

                      Starter Pack Includes Three Pillow Sizes

                      Finding Which Size of Pillow You Need is Always the Hardest Part of Choosing a New Mask. Faces come in different shapes and sizes and may not work for someone else, which is right for one person. Title - Resmed Airfit N30I with Starter Pack Comes with 3 Cushion Size: Small, Medium and Small Wide. Cpap will make it easier to find the mask.

                      Curved Nose Cushion Helps Reduce Pile While Creating A Big Seal

                      Looking for a great mask without too many registers? Perhaps your current mask makes it difficult to sleep in your favorite situation or do you prefer to read or watch TV before going to bed? Resmed Airfit N30I, May Be The Solution Wanted. N30I Reduces Much of the Mass in Front of the Face and Makes it Possible to Take Control of Sleep and Return to the Most Comfortable. The Curved Nasal Slide Cushion also helps when a World Class Gasket is created that is flexible enough to move with you when you find your favorite condition during sleep. The cushion was used for use at high pressure, up to 25 pressure levels.

                      Wide Open Field of View - Great for TV

                      Even when Wearing the Mask, See the Extraordinary View of the Widescreen! Resmed Airfit N30I with a favorite program, book or text chat, do not miss even a second. Minimal touch points on the face allows you to get an impressive image, where you can comfortably dive into sleep. As we have already mentioned, the spectacular landscape claustrophobia can satisfy some inside, possibly helping a person feel more comfortable wearing the mask.

                      Minimalist Hollow-Frame Design - Only 3 Pieces!

                      Headed Starter Pack Resmed Airfit N30I is One of the Most Minimal Designs on the Market Today, Consists of Only 3 Parts: Frame (Elbow), Cushion and Headboard. The air from the hose connects to the top of the head and flows through the flexible frame, eliminating the need for a short tube or other means to get air into your nose.

                      The frame is flexible to a wide variety of faces and extends to the curves of the start for optimum comfort. Minimal Cleansing Mask Separator Preventing Cleaning And Then The Contact Point Is Comfortable And Hairless On The Face. The Frame Comes With Soft Wraps, There Is No Silicone Feeling On This Face.


                      ResMed AirFit F30 CPAP Mask-65

                      ResMed AirFit F30, ResMed's first minimal contact Mouth Nose CPAP Mask

                      AirFit F30 outperforms the leading mask of its kind in terms of adjustability, leakage and ease of use

                      ResMed introduces the first minimal-contact Mouth Nose CPAP Mask AirFit F30, which was recently added to the AirFit mask portfolio to help users reduce facial redness. Now you will feel the comfort of wearing glasses in bed and the warmth of curling closer to your bed partner.

                      Unlike most traditional oral nasal mask silicon, the AirFit F30 sits under the nasal bridge, prevents redness and irritation of the upper nose, reducing the feeling of claustrophobia for mouth nasal mask wearers.

                      The AirFit F30 also features ResMed's latest QuietAir ventilation, making it quieter than ambient noise in the bedroom. In addition, the magnetic clips attach and remove the mask quickly and easily, ensuring the correct fit the first time.

                      Compared to the ResMed AirFit F30 leading minimal-contact mouth nose mask:

                      • 80% of users said the AirFit F30 is easier to use.
                      • 66% of users said the AirFit F30 also had a more stable fit and better sealing.
                      • The AirFit F30 is quieter than the published performance (21 vs 32.5 dBA).


                      Löwenstein Prisma Soft Plus-76

                      Löwenstein Prisma SOFT Plus

                      Uyku Tedavisi CPAP Cihazı

                      Prisma serisi Uyku ve Solunum tedavi cihazları geniş ekranı ve akıllı ara yüzü sayesinde daha sezgisel ve hızlı kullanım sunar. Löwenstein Prisma SOFT Plus CPAP ile kesinlik, güvenirlik ve süreklilik uyku tedavinizin tanımı olacak.

                      İlk Bakışta Önemli Özellikleri

                      • Dahili Bluetooth bağlantısı
                      • Benzersiz Löwenstein prisma RECOVER algaritması ile uyku kalitesinin değerlendirilmesini sağlayan Derin Uyku Göstergesi.
                      • autoSTART, softSTART, softPAP (Nefes verme esnasında basınç düşmesi) gibi çeşitli konfor ve gelişmiş algoritma
                      • Periyodik solunum, RERA, horlama, hipopne, apne ve akım sınırlamalarının tespiti
                      • FOT (Zorlayıcı Osilasyon Tekniği) sayesinde obstrüktif apne ile santral apnenin güvenilir şekilde ayırt edilmesi.


                      Löwenstein Prisma SOFT Plus uyku tedaviniz için ne sunuyor?

                      Geliştirilmiş Algoritma

                      Löwenstein (Weinmann) Prisma SOFT Plus CPAP cihazı, Obstruktif ve Santral solunum olaylarını ayırt edilebilmesi ve raporlanması için kanıtlanmış bir teknoloji olan FOT teknolojisini kullanmaktadır. Obstruktif (Tıkayıcı) ve Santral (Açık Havayolu) solunum olaylarının tespiti tedavin sürecinin takibinde ki önemli unsurlardan biridir. Bu sayede hekiminiz uyku solunum bozuklukları tedavinizi yakından ve detaylı olarak takip edebilir.

                      Konfor Özellikleri


                      Uyku solunum bozukluklarının ortadan kaldırılması için uyku laboratuvarlarında yapılan PSG ve titrasyon testi sonrasında tedavi basıncınız belirlenir. Bu basınç ile uykuya başlamak çoğu zaman zor olmaktadır. Löwenstein Prisma softSTART özelliği siz rahatça uyuyana kadar ayarlanan sürede tedavi basıncına ulaşır. Bu özellikte CPAP başlangıç basıncını da ayarlamanız mümkün olduğundan düşük basınçta yaşanabilecek nefes darlığı hissini engelleyecektir.

                      autoSTART / autoSTOP

                      CPAP maskenizden ilk nefes alıp vermeniz ile uyku tedavi cihazınız otomatik olarak başlayacaktır ve aynı şekilde maskenizi çıkardığınızda da otomatik olarak duracaktır. Bu özellikle size cihazınızı yatağınızın yanında istediğiniz gibi konumlandırmanıza olanak tanımaktadır. autoSTART / autoSTOP özelliği CPAP cihazı için konfor özelliği olsa da özellikle gece yaşanabilecek kısa süreli elektrik kesintilerinde cihazınzın tekrar çalışmasına ve uyku tedavinizin devamlılığı sağlanacaktır.

                      Tedavi Etkinliği

                      SpO2 Monitorizasyonu

                      SpO2 Oksijen probu tüm Prisma Serisi PAP cihazları ile birlikte kullanılabilmektedir. Bu sayede uyku tedavisinde solunum olaylarının yanı sıra kalp atım hızı, oksijen değerleri de takip edilebilir ve raporlanabilir.

                      Derin Uyku İndikatörü

                      Uyku apnesi tedavisinde apne ve hipopne gibi solunum olaylarının varlığı ve takip edilebilmesi en önemli unsurdur. AHI (Apne-Hipopne İndeksi) dışında derin uykunun varlığıda önemlidir. Birçok uyku tedavi cihazı kullanıcısına tedavi basıncı yeterli gelmekte ve solunumsal olaylar ortadan kalkmaktadır. Apne, hipopne, horlama ve akım sınırlamaların ortadan kalkması veya minimuma düşmesine rağmen gündüz uykuluk hali devam etmektedir. Löwenstein Prisma uyku ve solunum cihazları derin uyku süresini ölçebilmekte ve raporlamasını yapmaktadır. Löwenstein Medical prismaRECOVERY tüm PAP uyku tedavi cihazları arasındaki Derin Uyku ölçümü yapan ilk ve tek algoritmadır.

                      Raporlama ve Takip


                      Löwenstein Prisma SOFT Plus CPAP cihazınız akıllı telefonlar ile bluetooth aracılığı ile eşleşerek uyku tedavinizdeki verilerinizi (Apne, Hipopne, Maske kullanımı, Kullanım süresi vb.) takip edebilirsiniz. Aynı uygulama üzerinden uyku tedavi cihazınızı başlatabilir ve durdurabilirsiniz. prismaAPP tedavi uyumunuzu artırmak için destekler ve motive eder.

                      PAP Cihazından

                      CPAP cihazındaki kullanıcı menüsünden kullanımınız ile ilgili kullanım saatinizi, maske performasınızı ve tedavi etkinliğini görüntüleyebilirsiniz. Bu menüden sadece bir gece öncesini değil kayıtlı tüm uyku geçmişinizi değerlendirebilirsiniz.

                      SD Kart

                      Löwenstein Prisma cihazlarının üzerinde takılı olarak gelen SD Kart sayesinde 365 güne kadar uyku ve solunum tedavinizi detaylıca raporunu raporlandırabilirsiniz.Ayrıca 14 güne kadar da (1 nefes ölçeğinde) yüksek çözünürlüklü olarak incelenebilir.





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                      Elifce Medical

                      Elifce Medical

                      It is a franchise of leading companies in America and Europe in the world medical sector. Our company has experienced, skilled, primarily in Istanbul to provide the best service with the understanding of the dynamic team is active all across Turkey. Turkey's various provinces in the sleep laboratory, expert sales team and dealers with an outstanding product in a complete manner the user is committed to the goal and the most perfect form of transportation.

                      Since its founding, it has become a leader and preferred company with successful and expansive marketing strategies, and is in a position to catch up to 99% satisfaction in return. Accordingly, RESMED, RESPIROX, BMC, Weinmann and AIRSTEP, one of the biggest medical companies in the world, continue their franchise with a successful and devoted work. He has made himself the principle of being the first choice every year in the market where he is in.


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