BMC iVolve N2 Nasal CPAP Mask

BMC iVolve N2 Nose Mask is comfortable, flexible and silent. It is designed to minimize the contact with your skin. The adjustable forehead support reduces the pressure on the nose belt. Thanks to the ball and socket system on the headband, it allows easy insertion and removal and eliminates the need for continuous adjustment. Set and forget!
The air outlet system on the elbow distributes the air with its new design and is extremely quiet. 360 ° swivel elbow allows the hose to be used comfortably during sleep. With the quick-release bracket, you can detach the mask from the hose without removing it from your face. Silicone and soft forehead pads fit in shape.
The soft double-walled mask cushion technology reduces air leakage and provides comfortable handling. For this reason, it provides you with a comfortable and quiet sleep during treatment. Skin contact reduces the most, and this makes the user feel more comfortable during treatment. The supporting frame automatically fits on the forehead. It does not contain latex.

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