Weinmann Cara CPAP Mask

Looking into the future with CARA -.

CARA - Designed for you.

Simple use is more demanding than ever.

Löwenstein Medical Technology has made masks even easier by reducing parts in every mask it produces.

As we go one step further with CARA, we have perfected the proven benefits in a completely modern way. The lightweight CARA CPAP mask has a soft flexibility with full seating, a silent and scattered exhalation system and other details that make life easier.

Two-dimensional stability

My first impression is power. Mask pillows are soft and flexible. Ideally, it conforms to any of the nose folds and supports the mattress on the forehead. You can choose from two different sizes that can be placed in the same mask frame. The standard pillow in S / M conforms to about 65% of patients. For larger noses, you can choose M / L size


Sensational silence

The exhalation system close to the top-and-socket joint has proven itself over the years. Now we were able to make it simpler and quieter. We kept the gaps creating a diffuse airflow that did not bother the patient or the bedbug, and the upper part which prevented the air from flowing into the eyes of the patient. CARA is so silent that a clock works

even higher.

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