Airfit F20 Mouth Nose Mask

Full face mask AirFit F20

Whatever the sleeping position, it moves freely throughout the night.
It offers a soft hood and a soft frame for maximum comfort.
Designed for fast and easy hanging and removal.

InfinitySeal pillow technology
The AirFit F20 has the most adaptable InfinitySeal ™ mindset we have designed with a soft, flexible frame with integrated cushioning. The result is a
is a mask that ensures reliable sealing during the night regardless of the sleeping position.

Quietair ventilation technology
QuietAir ™ is our innovative diffuser ventilation technology in the mask case. This is 1% and 70% less than AirFit F20 2% before 2 softer. QuietAir, which has small versatile openings in a common area, breaks the air exhaled by breath and is thus spreading gently.

Its AirFit F20
We are committed to making the most personalized mask possible. For this reason, we proudly present our AirFit F20 mask for stylish lavender accents and versions with a smaller size range.

AirFit F20

  1. Remove the magnetic clips.
  2. When the mask is held, pull the head over your head. Make sure that the top of the mask pad sits comfortably above the nose bridge. The lower part of the head should fit comfortably over the upper part of your head, and the upper part of the head should sit on the head.
  3. Lift up each of the magnets to accommodate the corresponding clips in the frame.
  4. Set the tabs in the header.
  5. Set the tabs in the subheading.
  6. When your device is still switched off, connect your device hose to your mask sleeve.
  7. Attach an elbow mask.
  8. To help your fitness work with your therapy:
  9. Turn on your device and position yourself as if therapy is about to start (for example, lying in bed).
  10. Adjust your upper straps.
  11. Adjust your lower belts.
  12. Practice by reattaching your padding - pull your table away from your face, make your cushion re-inflated, and then reposition the inflated pillow so that the pillow membrane sits on top of the nasal foam.

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