• Has minimalist structure.
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  • occurs.
  • Adapts to n types.
  • Get the latest technology from ResMed; and a unique mask: Mirage FX!
  • Mirage FX is a very light and soft mask.
  • Unlike other masks, the entire mask is made of soft silicone material & quot; Apple-converted-space & quot;
    Its principle is taught.
  • There is only one size and it fits 90% of patients.
  • Thanks to its ergonomic design it adapts easily to the nose structure and reduces the pressure on the belt.
  • With the mask on the mask, you can easily remove the mask from the mask when you need it overnight, so you do not have to remove it.
  • The dedicated mask is easy to remove and install, making cleaning easy.
  • It is one of the latest mask models presented to the market and is extremely comfortable.
  • Thanks to the unique design of the headband connection, the mask allows the patient to move easily during the night.
  • Due to the elastic headband, the mask remains stationary and is not affected by the movement of the patient.

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