Airfit N20 Nose Mask

Whatever the sleeping position, it moves freely throughout the night.
InfinitySeal ™ with cushioning technology, yet the most compatible
Ideal for breathing in the nose during sleep.

Excellent comfort and performance
What does a perfect CPAP mask do? Comfort and performance are perhaps two key factors. The AirFit N20 features the most adaptive InfinitySeal ™ mindset we have designed with a soft, flexible frame with integrated cushioning.

We are committed to making the most personalized mask possible. For this reason, we proudly present our AirFit N20 mask for stylish lavender axles and versions with a smaller size range.

Using Your AirFit N20;

  1. Remove the magnetic clips.
  2. When the mask is held, pull the head over your head.
  3. Lift up each of the magnets to accommodate the corresponding clips in the frame.
  4. Set the tabs in the header.
  5. Set the tabs in the subheading.
  6. When your device is still switched off, connect your device hose to your mask sleeve.
  7. Attach an elbow mask.
  8. Open the therapy device.

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