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Reslex - Expansion Comfort

Respirox CPAP also offers exclusive reslex technology, which allows the patient to have better respiratory comfort, reducing pressure on the outside, and allowing the patient to spend less effort during sleep.


Reslex Feature

It is the ability to throw excess pressure out of the patient without exposing the patient during expiration, minimizing effort. This feature minimizes the causes of heart rhythm disturbances in patients. The goal is to get the rest of the day away from the pressure of the patient, while allowing the patient to have a comfortable night's sleep. In order to activate Reslex feature, user login must be done from the menu.

iCode Feature

The ability to save users' data. The Respirox CPAP device records data for 365 days. is an advanced technology that allows patients to see the time they have used before and the AHI (apnea, hypopnea) indices.

* The length of time the patient has used

* Device, mask, patient compliance

* AHI (apnea hypopnea) indices

* Average pressure

* Mask escapes

It keeps the user visible and keeps it in memory for 365 days. When the data storage is full, it saves the last day and deletes the day that it was first used, so you can see your current data whenever you want.

Auto User Features

* Respirox devices are equipped with a breathing sensor, without any trouble to press any key before the auto-opening feature of the device by removing the mask and auto-off feature is enabled. this feature can be activated and disabled from the menu.

* In heavy mask leakage, the device switches to alarm position and warns the user.

* Automatically adjusts the altitude level of the area you are in.

* If the power is turned off while the device is in operation, an automatic alarm is activated and warns the user.

Heater Humidifier Features

Respirox devices can optionally be integrated in the heater humidifier to adjust the temperature setting of the incoming air to the user in 5 steps.

With a lid guard designed to prevent water from escaping into your device, it allows you to use your device comfortably during the night. With a heating feature between 1-5, it allows the patient to have a comfortable night's sleep without being exposed to cold weather during sleep.

Smart Phone Application

To download free software (3B / BMC iCode) for Respirox devices, you can view your data anywhere and anytime using your iPhone and Android devices, iTunes and GooglePlay.

Dimension: 22cm * 19,4cm * 11,2cm
Weight: 2.0 kg
Power requirement: 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Reslex: 3 step
Pressure range: 4-20 cmH2 °
Heater humidifier: (optional)
Noise level: 24dBA
365 days to record data
Ramp time: 0-60 minutes
Automatic altitude setting: 4 stages
Auto On / Off
Treatment counter
Automatic air leak compensation
Detailed data recording
iCode feature
Usage hour report
Alarm: Power failure, mask and hose leak alarm
Approved by Ministry of Health CE and ISO Certified


Opportunity to pay the price with economical installment by contracting with our respiratory, sleeping, apneic, oxygen people with our convenient devices and masks for your discomforts which are diagnosed by the doctor with easy transportation with BPAP SGK & OML; .


ResMed (NYSE: RMD, ASX: RMD), a world-leading connected health company with more than 5 million cloud-connected devices for daily remote patient monitoring, changes lives with every breath. Its award-winning devices and software solutions help treat and manage sleep apnoea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory conditions. Its 6,000-member team strives to improve patients’ quality of life, reduce the impact of chronic disease and save healthcare costs in more than 120 countries. At ResMed we believe that every breath is an opportunity to make a positive change in people’s lives. We’ve been helping change lives since 1989, and our logo embodies this guiding philosophy. See for yourself.


From the first day on, we have been in the best treatment for chronic respiratory diseases. When the disease strikes, the families react tightly as a united whole. As a whole, they are tormented by a loved one's disease. And as a whole, the families share in the joy of recovery. At BMC, we believe families are at the heart of health. Supported by science, they force the burden of disease together. And it is our job to help combine this priceless human touch with technology.


The patient should have spontaneous breathing, but the breathing frequency should be adjustable by the device. The BPAP ST should be tried in cases where BPAP does not enter the respiratory tract, treatment is required at higher pressure, and especially in the presence of central apneas. In patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome as well as pathologies leading to alveolar hypoventilation such as restrictive pulmonary disease, COPD, obesity-hypoventilation syndrome, sleep-related hypoventilation / hypoxemic syndrome, it may be advisable to use spontaneous respiration and determination that the triggering power is insufficient.


Oxygen concentrator devices are molecular sieves, which separate gases from ambient air and produce oxygen at 95% (± 3) purity. Molecular sieves can be used to produce industrial oxygen concentrators, as well as devices that provide oxygen-friendly oxygen gas for treatment of COPD and similar chronic respiratory disorders. Oxygen concentrators are used at home or in the hospital for treatment of many respiratory diseases.


The Resmed S9 AutoSet premium auto-adjusting device, designed to help patients comfortably adjust to sleep apnoea therapy and encourage long-term compliance.

The S9 AutoSet responds to flow limitation to pre-emptively treat apnoea events and prevent more serious, subsequent events from occurring. Using ResMed's enhanced Autoset Tecnology, it automatically adjusts breath by breath, as a patients respiratory needs change - hourly, nightly and from season to season - to deliver the lowest therapeutic pressure. As a result, the AutoSet algorithm has been clinically proven to increase patient comfort and compliance. Resmed S9 AutoSet


Polysomnography; It is the name of the patient who is used in the diagnosis of sleep disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, periodic leg movements during sleep and night sleep, by measuring the brain waves, eye movements, respiratory activities, oxygen percentage in the blood and muscle activity for at least 6-8 hours.


The technician takes about 30 to 45 minutes before the study;

  • 12 EEG electrodes showing brain waves and eye movements to the head region,
  • Chest and abdomen showing respiratory movements,
  • Chest electrodes showing heart rhythms,
  • Leg electrodes showing leg movements,
  • Jaw electrodes showing muscle tone,
  • Mounts a finger probe that shows the microphone and oxygen saturation.

Through this electrode and sensors, brainwaves, heart electrodes (ECG), respiratory movements and respiratory sounds, eye movements, leg muscle activities, pulse and oxygen levels in the blood will be recorded overnight.

Once the electrodes are connected and connected, you can watch TV or read a book until recording is started. When your sleep comes, the lights are turned off and the sleep operation is started.


We are at your service with our experienced personnel in the maintenance and repair of all respiratory devices.

Each CPAP device has an expected life span of up to five years. Some users will see that their devices are working much longer for a longer period of time. The key point here is that cleaning and maintenance are done properly.
Each brand CPAP device has one or more filters that must be changed at regular intervals. The expected life of each filter type may vary, but generally single-use (or paper) filters should be replaced once a month, and non-disposable filters should be replaced every 3-6 months.
Non-disposable filters are generally made of some kind of foam and these filters can be re-used after being cleaned with water and thoroughly dried. Washing these filters will increase the service life, but they must be replaced at least every six months.
CPAP devices do not need to be cleaned, but it is recommended to wipe with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust. Do not forget to check the air inlet to the device against dust accumulation.
Never immerse the appliance in water.
Protect your device from direct sunlight.

Moisturizing Cleansing

Humidifiers may be integrated into the CPAP device or may be separate. No matter what type of humidifier, there is a part of the humidifier that requires proper maintenance and cleaning.
In order to use your humidifier in the most healthy way, carefully follow the instructions for use and always use clean carboy water. Minerals and chemicals in the tap water can damage the humidifier water tank.
Regular cleaning of the humidifier water tank is a must. After each use, drain the water, clean with a mild soap and water mixture and rinse thoroughly.
It is useful to disinfect the humidifier water tank every two weeks. For this purpose, immerse in a 1/5 vinegar / water mixture and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry. If your humidifier is indicated for use in the dishwasher in the operating instructions, you can also do so in accordance with the instructions.
The humidifier water reservoirs also have a certain useful life, which is usually no more than six months. Check the manufacturer's instructions for this.

RECOMMENDATION: When you are sick, cleaning your mask, hose, humidifier and filters every day as long as your cold, flu or viral symptoms persist, will help your disease not to grow longer.



Sleep apnea is one of the most important diseases caused by snoring and can be expressed as a sleep breathing sleep. The sleep apnea, which means that the breathing stops and becomes superficial during sleep, can be repeated many times during the night. During the sleep apnea, relaxation occurs in the muscles that allow the u

The reason for the sleep apnea is that the muscles in the throat are loosened to cover the area where the air will pass. Strictures in the upper respiratory tract can cause respiratory tract wear out from childhood, which can lead to sleep apnea syndrome. Being overweight, having large tonsils and nose can also be among the c

The most important symptom of sleep apnea is breathlessness in sleep. Other sleep apnea indications can be listed as follows: Restlessness during sleep
Do not get up often
Oral establishment
Respiratory durations as a manifestation
In addition, h

Sleep apnea test is the most important step in the process of diagnosis and treatment of the disease. A sleep apnea test called "polysomnography" is a test that records brain activity and respiratory events throughout the night.   Polysomnography, a sleep apnea test, is based on the measurement of bra

Obesity, which should be done first in the treatment of sleep apnea, is to be overcome. If there are significant anatomic strictures in the upper respiratory tract, the patient should be evaluated for surgical intervention by an Ear Nose Throat specialist.  Progressive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy should be u

The respiratory device, also called the ventilator, is used in the treatment of chronic respiratory insufficiency. Long-term mechanical ventilation at home is very important in the treatment of respiratory insufficiency. Breathing apparatus is widely used, especially in terms of chest wall and neuromuscular diseases. Two type

Cpap and BiPAP are respiratory devices used in patients with respiratory problems. BIPAP (Bilevel positive airway pressure) Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) These two devices are used for external breathing assistance. Respiratory devices can be used not only for ALS, but also for many

The most common symptom in this group of diseases is Sleep Respiratory Disease (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome). The most common symptom is snoring. Snoring occurs during sleep with noisy breathing. This is due to the narrowing of the throat during sleep, which disturbs those who share the same bed with the person who snore

Sleep Respiratory Disease (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome) Recurrent respiratory disorders (apnea, apnea, hypopnea: hypopnea) develop as a result of obstruction of the throat during sleep.
It causes sleep interruption due to the complete interruption of breathing or a considerable decrease in sleep during s

Chronic insomnia lasts at least a month. Most sleeplessers worry about their sleep. However, it is wrong to link the entire sleep problem to sleep anxiety. A study has shown that patients with this type of insomnia may have sleep respiratory or abnormal muscle activity. A sleep specialist may be able to help resolve the cause

People with sleep apnea stop breathing during sleep. This can wake up dozens or even hundreds of times during the night. The duration of breathing may be as short as 10 seconds. Most patients do not remember waking up. A sleep test is needed to diagnose sleep apnea. Sleep-related breathing problems are most commonly seen in m

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS Insomnia tendency: Some people have more insomnia than other people in stressful periods. Others respond to stress by headache or stomach pain. Knowing that the person is prone to insomnia and that it will not last too long is useful when you deal with it when you develop insomnia.

In order to understand the dyspnea, it is necessary to know how a normal breathing is. Breathing continues automatically. Breathing and breathing can seem very simple but are autonomously managed by the brain and spinal cord. Upper and lower respiratory tract The respiratory system cons

There are three main types of sleep apnea: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Central Sleep Apnea (CSA)
Mixed sleep apnea Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea. The diagnosis of sleep apnea is 84%.
Obstructive sleep apnea; It is

Sleep test, or polysomnography, brainwave during the night's sleep, eye movements, respiratory activities, the amount of oxygen in the blood and muscle activity are examined by measuring. SLEEP TEST STAGES:
  • The patient who is going to undergo a sleep test will go to the sleep center recommend

What is Oxygen Concentrator and What Does It Do?
The oxygen concentrator (sometimes known as the "oxygen generator") is a medical device used to deliver oxygen to those in need of oxygen. If people have a condition in their blood that causes low oxygen levels or gives results, they may need it. Oxygen concent


Respiratory Mask
Uyurken bile o sizinle birlikte hareket eder.


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