Resmed Airfit N30i | Nasal Cradle Mask

The ResMed AirFit N30i gives your patients the freedom to sleep in any position and get close to their bed partner.
The discreet, minimalist design features a convenient top-of-the-head tube design, a comfortable nasal cradle cushion and a self-adjusting
SpringFit frame for a stable fit that lasts all night.

Resmed Airfit N30i | Nasal Cradle Mask

Before You Buy | Frame sizing

If you are male, start with the standard frame size. If you are female, start with the small frame size.
If you try the standard size first, and the frame sits too close to your ears, size down to the small frame for a better fit.
If the frame is too large, try the small size frame for a better fit. 
If you try the small frame first and the frame sits too close to your eyes, size up to the standard frame for a better fit.
If the frame is too small, try the standard size frame for a more comfortable fit. 


Ensure you have all the mask components and parts together.
Connect the elbow to the frame.
Thread the left end of the headgear into the left side of the frame and fasten the tab.
Thread the right end of the headgear into the right side of the frame and fasten the tab.
Align the arrow on the cushion to the arrow on the frame and connect together.
Connect the remaining end of the cushion and frame together with the ResMed logo facing the right way up through the headgear.


Locate where the air is escaping from, which is typically above or below the cushion. Note, there is an intentional vent on the front of the cushion where air will flow through. This is normal. If air is escaping, this is typically above or below the cushion.
Adjust the cushion by gently pulling it away from your face and letting it reseal itself.
Adjust the headgear as needed to achieve a more secure seal. 
Check that the frame is secure and that the mask elbow and tubing are not pulling on the mask.

The ResMed AirFit N30i features a state-of-the-art pipe design that makes it easier to sleep in any position. Since there is no front end tube, the mask is invisible and lags behind your lying position.
Only 24 Dba (Whisper Quiet)
For customers looking for a silent mask, Resmed N30İ is one of the best because it controls only 24 decibels. This Sound Level is Accepted as Whisper Silence and allows you to get a full night's sleep without hearing too much noise from the mask.

Starter Pack Includes Three Pillow Sizes

Finding Which Size of Pillow You Need is Always the Hardest Part of Choosing a New Mask. Faces come in different shapes and sizes and may not work for someone else, which is right for one person. Title - Resmed Airfit N30I with Starter Pack Comes with 3 Cushion Size: Small, Medium and Small Wide. Cpap will make it easier to find the mask.

Curved Nose Cushion Helps Reduce Pile While Creating A Big Seal

Looking for a great mask without too many registers? Perhaps your current mask makes it difficult to sleep in your favorite situation or do you prefer to read or watch TV before going to bed? Resmed Airfit N30I, May Be The Solution Wanted. N30I Reduces Much of the Mass in Front of the Face and Makes it Possible to Take Control of Sleep and Return to the Most Comfortable. The Curved Nasal Slide Cushion also helps when a World Class Gasket is created that is flexible enough to move with you when you find your favorite condition during sleep. The cushion was used for use at high pressure, up to 25 pressure levels.

Wide Open Field of View - Great for TV

Even when Wearing the Mask, See the Extraordinary View of the Widescreen! Resmed Airfit N30I with a favorite program, book or text chat, do not miss even a second. Minimal touch points on the face allows you to get an impressive image, where you can comfortably dive into sleep. As we have already mentioned, the spectacular landscape claustrophobia can satisfy some inside, possibly helping a person feel more comfortable wearing the mask.

Minimalist Hollow-Frame Design - Only 3 Pieces!

Headed Starter Pack Resmed Airfit N30I is One of the Most Minimal Designs on the Market Today, Consists of Only 3 Parts: Frame (Elbow), Cushion and Headboard. The air from the hose connects to the top of the head and flows through the flexible frame, eliminating the need for a short tube or other means to get air into your nose.

The frame is flexible to a wide variety of faces and extends to the curves of the start for optimum comfort. Minimal Cleansing Mask Separator Preventing Cleaning And Then The Contact Point Is Comfortable And Hairless On The Face. The Frame Comes With Soft Wraps, There Is No Silicone Feeling On This Face.

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